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Can you believe it’s been almost a year since I published a fresh juice recipe?! I tend to go through phases with food and 2017 has definitely been full of more smoothie bowls than it has fresh juices. But today I’ve dusted off our juicer to bring you my Radiant Red Juice — a beautiful, summer-meets-fall elixir celebrating the best produce our bountiful Canadian landscape has to offer during this transitional time of year. Like last autumn’s fresh juice, this recipe is also inspired by colour — but this time, it’s a nod to Autumn 2017’s hottest hue (here I go with that PANTONE Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report again)… red!

I came up with this recipe on a Thursday after a huge farmer’s market run the weekend prior — it was fruit overload in the best way possible. My boyfriend had also just returned from a business trip with tons of Okanagan peaches — plus some gorgeous apples, blackberries and plums straight from a colleague’s mini orchard! We were headed out of town the next day for a weekend wedding, I was researching A/W17 trends and kept seeing red popping up everywhere (hint: there’s going to be a bit of a theme here at JustineCelina next month!) — and before I knew it I was in the kitchen combining all the red (or close to red!) produce we had available for a juice so it wouldn’t spoil while we away. My Radiant Red Juice was the result — a comforting, vivacious juice comprised of heirloom apples, red plums, red pears, blackberries, carrots, ginger, lime and a kiss of cinnamon. This nutritional, crimson powerhouse is loaded with a mega dose of vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids to help to promote a healthy immune system and a radiant complexion. If you’re looking for some fresh juicing ideas as we head into autumn, you’ve come to the right place!


Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com

I mean… how gorgeous are these red pears and blackberries?! Although this recipe (and these photos) came together quite quickly and were completely unplanned (I actually ended up staying up until 2am packing on the day I came up with this recipe and shot these photos — because priorities!), I love the result. Most of my recipes are extensively researched and tested — but there are a handful that come to me in a wave of fleeting inspiration. My Radiant Red Juice is among them!

Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com

It’s that time of year where I’m swapping my sandals for knits and my crisp white and rosé for red. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and it’s turning out to be a beautiful autumn here in Calgary (except for that time last week when it snowed, that was not cool). During this time of year I find myself craving foods that are more substantial — and my Radiant Red Juice is definitely fits the bill, as far as juices go! It has a texture somewhere between a smoothie and a fresh juice, thanks to fresh pears and plums that lend a rich, comforting texture to this autumnal juice.

Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com

Although this is a bit of an unconventional melange of ingredients, the combination is nothing short of divine! Heirloom apples (to be completely honest I have no idea what variety they are — but they’re pink inside!) offer a beautiful, mildly sweet base, red plums contribute tons of vitamin C, K and a stunning ruby colour, red pears offer antioxidants and flavonoids, those gorgeous little blackberries are bursting with radiance promoting vitamins A and C, carrots bring the beta-carotine, zingy ginger rounds things out with a healing kick while fresh lime juice balances our red juice with a bright note. Garnish my Radiant Red Juice with a cinnamon stick for a light kiss of autumn’s quintessential spice and gourmet flair!


Yield: 20 oz. (1 – 2 servings)

Radiant Red Juice Ingredients: Red Apples, Carrots, Red Pear, Red Plum, Ginger, Lime, CInnamon Stick // JustineCelina.com

• 4 small red plums
• 1 red pear
• 1 cup blackberries
• 2 red apples
• 4 small carrots
• 1/2 a lime
• 1/2″ piece of ginger

Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com


1. Start with chilled produce. Chop all ingredients into 1″ pieces.

2. Add ingredients one at a time to your Hurom Slow Juicer (or similar), starting with an ingredient that isn’t as juicy (like plums), and alternating with an ingredient that makes lots of juice (like apple). This will ensure that the juicy ingredients flush the not-so-juicy ingredients through the juicer and you’ll get more of them in your cup!

Radiant Red Juice Ingredients: Red Apples, Carrots, Red Pear, Red Plum, Ginger, Lime, CInnamon Stick // JustineCelina.com

3. Once you’ve juiced all of your ingredients, stir the juice and pour into glasses.

4. Add a cinnamon stick to each glass — swirl to infuse the cinnamon flavour and enjoy!

Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com

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Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com


Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com



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Radiant Red Juice // JustineCelina.com

What’s your favourite produce to juice during the fall? I’m partial to anything that gives my juices substance — like plums, pears and sweet potato. Seasonal apples are also amazing to juice! I hope this post inspires you to dust off your juicers and come up with some new combinations of you own this autumn!

Did you try my Radiant Red Juice? If you did, let a girl know! Leave me a comment, or tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You can use the hashtag #justinecelinarecipes in your recreations so I can find them — I love scrolling through the feed and seeing what you guys make! I also have a Pinterest board for my recipes if you’re looking for more plant based culinary inspiration. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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  • Reply Laura October 4, 2017 at 11:40 am

    Just gorgeous! Love the name and just reading the recipe makes me feel healthy! With all those nutritious ingredients it would make me feel radiant! Beautiful pictures as always Justine!

    • Reply Justine October 4, 2017 at 11:45 am

      You’re so sweet — thank you so much, Laura!

  • Reply Elaine October 6, 2017 at 10:00 am

    Beautiful! All those gorgeous colours and flavours blended together make a nutritious drink. I love that you’ve used local produce, too. And oh! that little hint of ginger is the perfect touch!

    • Reply Justine October 6, 2017 at 11:15 am

      Thanks Elaine! I try to use as much local (or from BC!) produce as I can in my kitchen and in my recipes. I’m back on a juicing kick and this has been on heavy rotation! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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